Portfolio Tracker (Stocks) 2.0.4

Source:Steven Banks

Portfolio and stock tracking with statement generation and historical analysis.

Track the performance of portfolios and stocks with Portfolio Tracker.

Designed with a simple and clean user interface. Gives you key information about your overall position.

Analyse how the value of your portfolios has changed over time using historical charting. (Note this is different from just looking at historical stock prices, Portfolio Tracker will aggregate the historical value of your stocks).

Easy to add portfolios and search for stocks. Create watch lists, buy and sell stocks in different currencies. Generate a statement to view your aggregate performance.

Key features:

* Historical portfolio value analysis
Compare the relative value of portfolios and stocks side-by-side.

* Threshold alerting
System, Portfolio and Stock level alerts.

* Market news and indicators
Supports World/European indices and currencies.

* Multiple Stock providers
Support for both GOOGLE and YAHOO price feeds.

* Support for system and portfolio currencies
Aggregate portfolios with different currencies into a single overall currency.

* Charting
Performance analysis with bubble, area, line and pie charts.

* Executive Summary
Generate a summary statement detailing your overall position and portfolio performance.

* Home Screen Widgets
3 configurable widgets showing; total gain, day gain, portfolio value, leaders/laggers, current price and % day change.

* Google Finance Import
Import your portfolios, stocks and transactions from Google Finance into Portfolio Tracker.

* Backup/Restore

* Password protection

#This application has a EULA when first installed.

Tested on 2.1 and 2.2. (Optimal screen size 480x800).
(Honeycomb tablets supported, but not yet optimised).

Feedback is appreciated.

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